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+Am I Eligible?

Graduate Assistantships are not considered a part of the student employment program. See your admission representative for information.

All students, undergraduate and graduate are eligible to work on campus. After early September all open positions are made available to students not eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS) aid. After a period of time positions are then open to part-time students. To determine your Federal Work Study eligibility review your Financial Aid Award letter or contact the financial aid office at or by phone at (412) 365-2781.

FWS eligible students are permitted to work at local nonprofit agencies (agencies must collaborate with the Student Employment Program to establish a partnership). Eligible students can work at the Carriage House, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Carnegie Libraries, The Carnegie Museum of Natural History and The Children’s Institute, to name a few. Most non-profits are eligible to participate. Check with the Student Employment team in Career Development by phone at 412-365-2762 or through email at for more information.

+Student Employment Dates to Remember

Hiring Information

All student must complete a Student Employment Orientation each year. The orientation focuses on how students, both graduate and undergraduate can make the most of their student employment experience. Making the most of your experience will 1) allow you to build your professional development skills 2) Cultivate a relationship with a staff member who might serve later as professional reference and 3) Build your qualifications as a competent individual upon graduation. We have incorporated the Career Development Competencies into the orientation: Foundation Skills, Personal and Social Skills and Content Knowledge. This model was constructed from empirical evidence regarding what employers in the workplace value in their staff.

If you attended the Student Employment Orientation in April, May or June of 2015 you will not need to attend another orientation until the end of spring 2016.

+Where Can I Work?

All available positions are posted on ChathamCareerLink, Career Development’s online database that provides for full-time, part-time, internships, and student employment opportunities. Students work in various departments across campus including the JKM Library, the Help Desk, AFC and the Student Affairs Division. They may also assist Faculty member with research.

Apply to 4-5 positons to give yourself the best opportunity to land a job.

When you apply for an open position, the supervisor will be notified that you have applied for his/her position.

To find and apply to available student employment positions, please follow the directions listed below. The system has all of the open positions listed for both graduates and undergraduates.

How to access ChathamCareerLink

All current students have automatic access to the ChathamCareerLink system.

Finding and Applying for Jobs on ChathamCareerLink

  1. Log on to ChathamCareerLink by going to
  2. Choose Go.
  3. Using the tab at the top choose Jobs, Internships, Volunteer Postings & More
  4. Select Exclusively for Chatham
  5. Use the Advanced Search to select the position type "Student Employment"
  6. Choose Search
  7. All available positions will appear

Follow up with the supervisor in a few days to ensure he/she has received your resume and provide the supervisor with a schedule of availability. Follow up allows you to show your continued interest in the position and allows for the supervisor to know your availability.


All open positions will require you to do some form of an interview. This could be done by phone, in-person, or with a panel of interviewers.

Prepare for the interview as you would any other interview. Be ready to answer questions as to why you are the most qualified person, why you are interested in working for the particular department, and be able to briefly discuss your background and experience. Be able to express yourself and provide examples of your qualifications and skills.

Dress for the interview. You don’t need to wear a business suit, but do not wear jeans or shorts. Business casual attire is best: nice pants and shirt or blouse; skirt and top; dress. Skirts and dresses should not be extremely short.

Have questions prepared to ask the interviewer. It shows you are interested and have researched their particular area.

Lastly, make sure you have the interviewer’s name. Shortly after the interview, send the interviewer a thank you email. Click here to see a sample thank you note.

During the interview, feel free to ask when the department plans to make a decision. This will give you an idea of when you should call to check in.

+I Got The Job… Now What?

Congratulations on finding student employment!

Your work schedule

Coordinate with your new supervisor to develop your work schedule. Keep your academic schedule in mind and don’t overextend yourself. For example, if in addition to your academics you are in a few student organizations and they meet often, try scheduling your work around those meetings. It’s best to schedule upfront than to constantly go to your supervisor asking for a schedule change. Departments need to depend on you as a student employee so as best you can, keep to the schedule you and your supervisor create.

Get important information from your supervisor before you start to work - Determine your start date, any orientation/training you might need, and if there is a dress code.

Get important information from your supervisor before you start to work

Determine your start date, any orientation/training you might need, and if there is a dress code.

New Hire Paper Work for Students New to Student Employment

All students who have never held a student employment position before must complete new hire paper work in order to begin to work and be paid. New hire paperwork is available from the Student Employment Program in Room 309A of the JKM Library and can be completed in just a few minutes provided the student can show the necessary documentation. This documentation includes a document that will establish identity and provide employment authorization (a passport) or one that establishes identification (a student school ID, driver’s license or state ID card) and one that establishes employment authorization (i.e. birth certificate, social security card or a U.S. Citizen ID card). The original documents are required to complete the new hire paper work.

Once new hire paper work is complete a student employment contract will be created and will cover the entire fall/spring academic year. Students will be notified by email that a contract is available for electronic signature. Follow the link in this email to electronically sign this contract of employment.

Remember that completion of the new hire paper work is an essential step for all new student employees. You may not begin to work and you will not be paid until new hire paper work is completed. Access to the time cards and contract is available within 2 to 3 days of approval of the completed new hire paper work.

Students who have worked as Student Employees previously - Read here!

Note #1 – The Student Employment Program creates contracts only after receiving the following information from supervisors:

  1. Name of student employee
  2. Position title of student employee
  3. Number of hours per week that student employee will work

Note #2 – Student employees will receive an email indicating that a student employment contract is ready for electronic signature. Upon signing the student employment contract, access to the electronic time card is available. Contracts cover the entire fall/spring academic year.

Note #3 – Student employees may begin working only after receiving notification that required steps have been satisfactorily completed.

New and Returning Students Employees

Once you receive the email confirmation from the student employment system that you have completed all of the necessary steps, you may begin to work.

+Time Card Manager Process

Students receive two electronic email reminders to submit their time cards: One reminder is sent on the 28th and the other is sent on the last day of the month. If a student does not submit his/her time card through the online system by the last day of the month, his/her supervisor receives an email that the student has an overdue time card. Once the last day of the month passes, the supervisor will need to submit and approve the time card for the student. The student no longer has access to his/her time cards after the last day of the month.

Supervisors have until the 3rd of the following month to submit, make changes and approve their student employees’ time cards. The supervisor also receives email notifications to approve time cards.

All student employees are paid once a month on the 10th of the month. If the 10th of the month falls on a weekend, the pay date moves to the Friday before the 10th.

All students have the option to have their pay directly applied to their student account, directly deposited to an account, or to receive a paper check. Once the new hire paper work has been processed, you will receive an email notification to complete one of the payroll options.

+Payroll Questions?

Employees have access to Ceridian’s Self-Service payroll module at Through this service you can:

  • View Earnings Statements (check stubs) – can be viewed as early as 1 day before check date
  • View Federal Tax Form (W-4) for past years (form used to identify number of dependents for withholding calculations)
  • Change Address
  • Change Direct Deposit settings (not available for adjunct faculty)
  • Calculate net pay estimates for various changes

If you have not accessed this service before, you can use the following as your username and password:

  • Username (case sensitive, ignore apostrophes, spaces and hyphens)
    • First 1 character of first name
    • First 6 characters of last name
    • First 4 digits of your date of birth in MMDD format
  • Password
    • Last 4 digits of your social security number
    • First 4 digits of your date of birth in MMDD format
  • Example: Amelia Earhart would be user name AEarhar0724 password ####0724

You will be required to select a new password when you log in for the first time. Changes made in this system will be submitted automatically to payroll for review before being applied to the payroll system. Changes must be submitted at least 10 days before the pay date in which they will take effect.

If you have any problems please contact Alexa Kostelnik at or 412-365-1603.

+What is Student Employment?

Student Employment is a program through which any student can work in University-approved positions. The Student Employement team can by reached through email at

+Resume Writing Tips

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